Psychosocial Support for Beirut Blast-affected Children, Youth, and Families

Objectif global

Youth and families participate in psychosocial activities that alleviate the stress caused by the Beirut blast, encourage dialogue and civic participation, and promote health and wellbeing.

  • Selection of 180 youth/children per cycle
  • ToT training for the coaches and their assistants with a possibility to include the volunteers (training will be conducted for 9 days and will include: Five days on Profound stress and attunement module (PSA), two days on Child protection and two days on Non-violent communication)
  • Conduct structured psychosocial activities: In these sessions, children/ youth engaged in supervised group and individual activities that focused on self-expression and encourage the development of trust, playfulness, and tolerance, will also be able to identify stress factors and their impact on mental and psychological health and learn how to overcome them.
  • Where needed, conduct separate meetings for parents and other community members in order to provide training on recognizing the special psychosocial needs of their children/youth and how to help those who are struggling to cope.
  • Provide information on available social and health services within the targeted areas
  • Where needed, provide individual counseling sessions to the targeted children/youth and their families
  • Organize a gathering day for the targeted youth and their families at the end of each phase