We are glad to share our DPNA Guides!

Entrance to Enterprise

This guide will provide those of you who are thinking of starting a business with some of the elementary skills that you need in order to develop ideas in a coherent matter. View Arabic version.

Youth and Human Rights

This guide provides a glance on Human Rights and International Treaties. It was produced as part of the project "Human Rights Ambassadors" in partnership with the Netherlands Embassy.

Youth and Citizenship

This guide provides a glimpse on Citizenship, its concept, where did it come from and the social contract. View French version.

Youth and Municipalities

This guide aims at motivating youth to participate in public life, positively influence in the decision making process and taking responsibilities within local authorities.

Youth and Peace Culture

This guide provides a brief toolkit about conflict, activities about conflict resolution and non-violence. It was produced in partnership with Ifa.

Youth and Dialogue

This guide provides a brief introduction, within DPNA's vast experience, about the importance of continous dialogue in matters of development in Lebanon. It was produced in partnership with Catholic Relief Services.

Youth and Political Parties

This guide provides an insight about political parties and its components. Moreover, it gives a brief history about the inception of political parties in Lebanon and aims at motivating youth in participating positively in the political life in Lebanon.