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Opportunités d'emploi

Vous trouverez ici toutes les propositions d'emploi actuelles à DPNA. Les contacts et les instructions de candidature se trouvent sur chaque lien.
Si vous êtes intéressé pour faire du bénévolat à DPNA, veuillez cliquer ici.

The DPNA Senior Peace Coordinator will be working for a three-year European Commission project in partnership with MCC (Mennonite Central Committee). The project aims to combat religious intolerance and discrimination in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq through enhancing mutual understanding and respect between different faiths, sects or none. The project will accomplish this aim through supporting local CSOs with sub-grant projects, peacebuilding and project management capacity-building, and promoting inclusive and strategic partnerships with religious leaders and civil society leaders.

The Senior Peace Advisor based at DPNA (Saida Lebanon), will facilitate the various peacebuilding trainings and provide project-specific direct mentorship to each CSO throughout the project period. They will be required to travel to each country and visit each project once during the project period.

There will be regional workshops, bi-national peacebuilding trainings, on-site CSO-based staff trainings and video conference calls with the Senior Peace Advisor, to increase their ability to implement initiatives fostering mutual understanding and religious tolerance in their communities.

The DPNA senior peace coordinator will be in charge of gathering and compiling the information, and will take the lead in writing the publication. The peace coordinator will gather the CSOs’ success stories, lessons learned, monitoring and evaluation data and suggestions for other organisations.

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