Our Story

The Story of DPNA reflects the journey and the possibility for activism and activists to be joint together in a team work and spirit towards initiating and engaging in positive change in their country.

In October 2003, a group of diverse social activists, different age groups, educational, political, and social backgrounds established DPNA, a new development, nonprofit, non-governmental and secular association.

The founding team chose to struggle jointly for the rights of workers, students, women, youth and children. They believed that empowering an active civil society in Lebanon is the answer for starting the change. DPNA since its beginning promoted justice, solidarity, human rights and environmental protection and considered these principles as 4 pillars which will be guiding all interventions and actions as well as our attitudes and behaviors.

Since the beginning we knew that we are part of a mosaic of actors on the local, national, regional and global levels, and therefore building strong and solid partnerships, networks and alliances was one of our targets to be impactful and we succeeded in doing that. Now DPNA is well known of its connections partnerships and networks which we value and appreciate.

In a journey of 10 years we were able with the participation of local communities, stakeholders, local partners, the private sector, and community leaders to lead the following marked projects: peace ambassador, building bridges, leadership in community development, eye on peace, youth dialogue, peace caravan, YALLA, active citizenship, youth and entrepreneurship, human rights ambassadors, youth and municipalities, citizen Lebanon, leadership pyramid, building the capacities of local NGOs, and NGOs for change.

Having Human Rights as guidance in our interventions, DPNA worked on responding to the needs of displaced families from South Lebanon in 2006-2007 and now the needs of the Syrian Refugees in Lebanon. We have built an experience in providing food security, shelter, wash, non-food items, and psychosocial support assistant based on SPHERE standards.

We work to respond to the needs of local communities on the basis of sustainable development, and we work to appreciate and increase local communities capacities and values. We dream of real citizenship under the state of law where people in Lebanon are participating actively in decision making processes at all levels. DPNA will continue to work on a national, regional, and international levels to reach its vision.



In 2003

Our Team

48 part and full timers

Our Work

National, Lebanon

"Development for People and Nature Association is a growing story. As we come close to finishing it every year, we hope to emphasize on our never-ending goal of achieving positive change."

Fadlallah Hassouna, Executive Director