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Active Citizens

Partner: British Council

DPNA has worked alongside the British Council on the Active Citizens program since 2010. DPNA received the Master Facilitators on the program and started working on training other leaders in the community to deliver the Active Citizens journey on a national basis. DPNA implemented numerous trainings and facilitated the implementation of numerous social action projects since 2010 (mentioned in 4.2). DPNA worked on recruitment of potential leaders to be trained on the toolkit, participants for the workshops and building networks (with local authorities, community leaders, schools, universities, etc.) with the community to facilitate the social action projects. Later on, DPNA played the role of Quality Assurance on the project to ensure and support the successful implementation of workshops done in different communities in Lebanon, alongside implementing Training of Facilitators to different organizations.


Arts for Active Citizens:

DPNA is working on this project in Saida and Zahrani governorates. These communities are in a pressing need for such projects, since they are considered marginalized and vulnerable communities, especially that they are hosting a wide number of Syrians and Palestinian refugees. These communities are witnessing as well high levels of violence between each other. In return, this is jeopardizing sense of community, peace and security. DPNA did a facilitator development workshop for trainers from different backgrounds. These trainers will implement community workshops each for 20 youth from different communities and after every workshop an initiative will be funded and these initiatives must be sustainable and must have an artistic application. With DPNA’s wide network of civil society organization local partners, community leaders and municipalities, the project will target youth aged 18-30 from different nationalities (Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian), taking into consideration gender, age and nationality equality. Facilitators will also be recruited from these communities based upon their experience, passion and interest in taking part in such projects. These communities are witnessing different projects working on development and youth as well. However, no such project as Artivism is being implemented and thus it would be a positive chance to introduce this project to complete the efforts of other organizations working on peace building through arts. Last but not least, art is considered as a creative tool to spread messages of active citizenship, peace building, tolerance, trust and understanding.

South Lebanon; Siada & Zahrani governorates.