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4 Months

Target Areas:

South governorate, central and western Bekaa districts

Target Audience and number of beneficiaries:

356 male and female participants in the age group of 21 and 29 years old.

Overall Objective:

Encouraging young and first-time voters to engage in the democratic process and exercise their right to vote during the upcoming Lebanese parliamentary elections (scheduled for May 2017).

Specific Objectives:

Organize and conduct structured discussions attend regular coordination meeting, and submit a final list of deliverables with ARK's project team.


3 hall town meetings and 5 world café were successfully organized and implemented in 8 different communities in south Lebanon, to explain the new electoral law and the related aspects to over 350 first time voters.


There is a lot of good achievements, the first time voters are fully aware of their right and revealed their readiness to vote, they have gained new information as the lecturers have focused on the participatory and (Q&A) approaches to involve the participants during the presentations. Adding to this, the participants have their knowledge increased about their role as an essential part of the change process and a deeper understanding of the new electoral law. Moreover, the participants were determined when voicing their needs and ambitions.


  1. I now have a great knowledge about the electoral law and I could recognize the importance of my vote.

  2. voting is both, a right and a responsibility.

Lebanon; South Lebanon, central and western Bekaa districts.