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Raise the Voice of Lebanese CSOs Towards an Inclusive and Sustainable Development in Agriculture and Environment Field in North Lebanon

Partner: Oxfam Italia

Funded by the European Union

Overall Objective:

The project is to provide local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) of the targeted communities on the one side with skills and on the other side with opportunities to take an active part in the policy dialogue, participate in setting priorities together with the Local Authorities (LAs) and carrying out initiatives for the development of the communities in the agriculture and environment sectors.


24 months


  1. Capacity building processes to improve the operational and institutional capacities of the participating CSOs.
  2. More Effective role of the civil society in the development processes at the local level, for what regards both the definition of policies and the ability to directly implement initiatives.
  3. Networking with other local CSOs and dissemination of good practices, lessons learnt among relevant local and national stakeholders and promoting the contribution of local CSOs in pursuing an inclusive and sustainable growth.


  • Mapping of local stakeholders (CSOs, private sector, Local Authorities) in each Municipality.
  • Establishment of civic platformsin each Municipality.
  • Organizational and technical capacity building for civic platforms.
  • Elaboration of a participatory strategic plan for local development in each Municipality.
  • Development of municipal gender-sensitive operational plans for agriculture development and environment protection.
  • Implementation of small-scale pilot projects for the development of the local communities.
  • Networking among local CSOs and CSOs involved in agriculture and environment at governorate and national levels.
  • Dissemination of good practices and lessons learnt at national level.

North Lebanon; Municipalities of Assoun, Bqaa Sifrine, Bhannine, Bqarsouna (Minieh Dinieh District) and Bcharre (Bcharre District).