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Enhancing Safe Water Supply and Waste Management for the Vulnerable Population Affected by the Syria Crisis in the South

Partner: Care International

Overall Objective:

The project is provide sustainable water supply in adequate quantities and contribute to improve solid waste collection service to the most vulnerable populations in Lebanon.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Improve reliable access to safe water and sanitation (solid waste) for highly vulnerable host and refugee communities in areas of Southern Lebanon most affected by the influx of Syrian refugees in a sustainable way.


  • Awareness and information sessions at community level addressed to all relevant population groups
  • Community Engagement
  • Installation, testing and commission of about 16,000 meters of water pipes inclusive of all fittings.
  • Capacity Building of relevant staff of the SLWE in water management
  • Capacity Building of local actors active in waste collection and recycling

DPNA is responsible for the component of Awareness campaigning and thus targets 3 areas in Lebanon; Ghazieh, Lubieh and Bissaryieh .

Meet the project team

Elissa Shamma

Project Manager


Established in 2003, we are a non-profit, non-governmental organization working in Lebanon.

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