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PROMAPIR – Protection and Management of Palm Island Reserve

Partner: EPC – Environment Protection Committee and OEPT - Office d'Exploitation du Port de Tripoli


14 Months

Target Areas:

The Palm Island Reserve and Mina Port

Overall Objective:

Protect and manage the Palm Islands Reserve that is considered an environmental fortune. Improving its conditions as well as spreading the culture of managing, maintaining, and preserving this protected area in addition to highlighting its economic, touristic, and environmental value and importance. The PROMAPIR Project will comply with the top needs and priorities for the improvement of the Palm Islands Reserve’s conditions.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Enhancing the protection and sustainable development of maritime resources of Palm islands reserve and its bordering (coastline, fishermen, boats, port), through the recovery of affected marine ecosystems and development of marine and coastal biodiversity. Also through raising the awareness of the local population, fishermen, tourists and capacity building for Palm islands reserve staff and management team. Moreover reinforcing laws, internal rules and restrictions in the reserve and supporting their application to prevent any problems that might happen from lack of management.
  2. Highlighting on the environmental and economic interest of marine reserve (Palm islands reserve) and promote the protection of this reserve. Through focusing on the touristic view of the island to allow it to attract people more than pushing them away (Cost, ease of transportation, standards and quality of boats, etc...)
  3. A need assessment study of the current situation of the reserve to define the needs and the priorities and create a base for the launching of the project through site inspection and meetings between all parties involved to discuss ideas and share different options and the best solutions.
  4. Rehabilitation of the existed facilities and supplying the Palm islands reserve with the needed equipment and removing all structures not complying environmental criteria at Palm islands reserve. Through defining the main concerns for accessibility and satisfactory solutions and results.
  5. Ensuring the safety at Palm islands reserve and protect marine and coastal ecosystem and marine biodiversity. For example the blow fish that kills all other fish in the sea has to be solved with the specialists to find a way to fix it and protect other species.
  6. Gathering all stakeholders in a platform in order to preserve the marine environment and ensure the sustainability of the actions through meetings, workshops and trainings.


  1. Installation of new fences
  2. Collecting the stones of the church
  3. Restoration of the fresh water well
  4. Installing new eco-friendly floating dock for boats
  5. Installing welfare facilities for men and women with treatment station
  6. Installing oil tanks on Mina port for collecting oil
  7. Emergency equipment and first aid kits
  8. Planting 20 palm trees
  9. Installing underwater reproduction caves for fish
  10. Installing sensors for marine water monitoring


“This project is important on so many levels, whether it be to the eco system with emphasis on the fish and turtle’s reproduction, or in terms of marine pollution and reducing and monitoring it. Even on an economical scale it should have a major impact. So, it is clearly a fruitful basket in which more than one sector will benefit!; Aziz Zok – Field Officer on the PROMAPIR project states

EU Supports Protection of Palm Island Reserve

European Union Ambassador Christina Lassen and Ambassadors and representatives of EU Member States visited the North of Lebanon on June 19 2019.

The delegation visited several EU-funded projects including the project “Protection and Management of the Palm Islands Nature Reserve – PROMAPIR". This project implemented by Development for people and Nature Association – DPNA in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment aims at protecting the existing marine ecosystem and rehabilitating the touristic aspect of the Palm island reserve. The delegation was informed about the progress on the PROMAPIR Project, including the oil spill detectors and vacuum cleaners that were installed and progress on the works needed for the installation of the new eco-friendly floating dock for boats which will facilitate the access of the reserve’s visitors.

The European Union and its Member States are committed to supporting Lebanon's environment, including its rich marine biodiversity and large variety of habitats and species. The Palm island reserve is of a global significance due to its biodiversity and its function as a breeding ground for endangered birds. It has been designated a Mediterranean Specially Protected Area under the Barcelona Convention.

Ambassador Lassen emphasized that safeguarding and protecting the Mediterranean from all kinds of pollution is of highest significance for the EU, and that the EU remains committed to help Lebanon enjoy a safer, healthier environment