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Local Empowerment Initiatives in Old Saida

Partner: UNDP


41,990 USD


3 month from 1 November 2018 till 31 January 2019

Target Areas:

Old Saida

Target Audience and number of beneficiaries:

Direct 182 / Indirect 500

Overall Objective:

Local Empowerment Initiatives in Old Saida is a project targeting vulnerable individuals for better living conditions.

Specific Objectives:

    1. To deliver a range of projects to promote civic education and participation.
    2. To spread culture of peace, trust and understanding.
    3. To protect and promote the importance of natural environmental resources.
    4. To create a positive change in the local and national policies.
    5. To improve leadership skills among municipal members and other key stakeholders.
    6. To support entrepreneurial initiatives and economic opportunities for youth and women in rural areas.


    • Three Focus Groups discussions are to be implements during the first month of the project. each one must have 8-12 participant.
    • Cash for Work for 30 youth from Old Saida.
    • 10 awareness sessions for children, women and youth.
    • 3 initiatives in Old Siada.
    • 5 days Active citizen training for 30 youth (15 men, 15 women)


    • 20 days from the Cash for Work.
    • Active citizen training
    • Focus groups for women and children
    • Awareness sessions