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Active Ambassadors for Peaceful Change

Partner: IFA - Zivik


94,906.49 euro


6 Months

Target Areas:

North and South Lebanon

Target Audience and number of beneficiaries:

  • Direct: 90 participants; aged between 20-35 years old, from all three nationalities (Lebanese, Palestinians and Syrians whilst ensuring equal gender representation)
  • Indirect: 1,500 persons

Overall Objective:

Our vision is a well-equipped new generation of youth with skills and values allowing them to be agents of positive change in their communities. Targeted youth will build their capacities in the fields of peace building, conflict transformation and non-violent communication. Which will help them promote peace building and apply the acquired skills in their everyday quotidian and professional life as well. Resulting with a positive behavioural change and increase in the levels of tolerance in their communities. Therefore, these youths will act as agents in the process of change that is a need in our communities; whether affected directly or indirectly from the current crisis.

In addition, Active Ambassadors for peaceful change will become focal points and pace ambassadors in their communities which in a way or another encourages other peers in their community to become more involved in the process of change by adopting the peer-to-peer methodology. In order to measure and assess the desired changes, qualitative and quantitative data will be collected through Pre-Post tests and an evaluation that will be conducted at the end of the project including the local community, stakeholders, and beneficiaries.


    • Preparation Phase
    • Recruitment phase
    • 3 workshops for 90 participants
    • Implementation of initiatives
    • Hyde Park
    • Evaluation


    • 90 Direct Beneficiaries
    • 1500 indirect beneficiaries
    • 10 initiatives implemented