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Youth for Tomorrow

Partner: Mercy Corps international and funded by the general affairs of Canada


3 years duration, starting from February 2017 till October 2019

Target Areas:

Saida City and its suburbs

Target Audience and number of beneficiaries:

2500 Youth (males and females) living in marginalized communities and suffering from low living standards and profound stress.

Overall Objective:

The overall objective of the project is to provide the most vulnerable youth in Saida city and its suburbs and with psycho-social to help them attune their stress and a safe space to voice out their needs and ambitions.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Adolescents and youth have improved psychosocial wellbeing.
  2. Youth have skills to pursue productive futures.
  3. Diverse groups build inter-community relationships by working together by promoting protection and interests of Adolescents and youth
  4. Civil society has increased capacity to serve the needs of youth.


Intensive courses, drop-in activities, awareness sessions, community and advocacy events, youth council elections, trainings on Livelihood topics.


  • 4 youth led community events about Peace, social cohesion, increase awareness about health, international health day
  • 320 youth graduated over 2 cycles with improved life skills, over 30 awareness sessions implemented with youth and parents about stress management, personal hygiene, positive parenting, teenage behavior, bullying, etc…


  1. Hiba Jaber, project coordinator at Bussma from Mercy corps, 26 years old:

    "Bussma is a great chance to each and every person and it’s my second house."

  2. Slayman Fawaz, Assistant center coordinator from DPNA at Bussma, 28 years old:

    "Attunement is a necessity and a positive life style."

  3. Abdallah Hazzouri, Coach from DPNA at Bussma, 25 years old:

    "Bussma can’t be described in one sentence, it’s another life."

  4. Batoul Al Homsi, female Participant female at Bussma, 14 years old, Syrian, living in Saida:

    "I found love and care, “I love the center and the people I’m dealing with and I feel comfortable here and nobody will bully me, I feel safe."

  5. Mohamad and Mayar Hammade, male participants, 17 & 15 years old, Palestinians Syrians, they came from Al Yarmouk camp in Syria living in Saida:

    "Bussma has changed our life, we feel hopeful and more mature."

  6. Alaa Al Nimer, female participant at Bussma, she’s 19 years old, Palestinian, living in Saida:

    "Bussma got me back to life."

South Lebanon; Siada governorate.