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Access to Water in Vulnerable Lebanese Communities

Partner:Mennonite Central Committee

The project has two main components to be carried out over the 3 years plan. In partnership with the municipality of Yater this project will improve the municipalities present water system that is currently made up of above ground piping that is manually controlled from the well. The new system will be set up to provide equal access to available water for all residents.

Long Term Impact

Preserved lives, suffering alleviated and human dignity maintained in communities experiencing humanitarian crisis and/or low living standards, by reducing vulnerability of crisis-affected people in host communities, especially women and children through access to water.

Component 1

    Rehabilitation of the water infrastructure to provide equal access to improved water source.

Component 2

  • Awareness sessions for community members on efficient use of water and WASH procedures.
  • Surveys and 2 TOT for local WaSH agent establishments
  • Seminars on infrastructures use, water conservation
  • Community events centered on WaSH
Areas: South Lebanon, Yater