Emergency WASH in informal Settlements 2020.


USD 1,006,361

Zones cibles

South, Nabatiyeh, Mount Lebanon

Public cible

DPNA  provided around 6821 in South, 6744 in Nabatieh and 6974 in BML including direct and indirect 20539 Syrian refugees with equitable access to a sufficient quantity of safe water for drinking, cooking, personal and domestic hygiene in ISs in South, Nabatieh and Mount Lebanon governorates.

Objectif global

The provision of access to safe drinking water and water storage capacity through water trucking or other modalities as well as the construction and rehabilitation of Latrines and Pits and the removal of sludge on Household and site level in Syrian refugees Informal Settlements.

Objectif spécifique
  • Provision of access to safe drinking water through water trucking or other modalities
  • Provision of water storage capacity at Household level
  • Construction/rehabilitation of latrines/toilets at Household level
  • Site Sludge Removal using vouchers or another modality
  • Operation and maintenance at site level water and sanitation facilities and services
  • Scale up innovations and pilot programs in water and wastewater management for temporary sites
  • Capacity building of contractors and partners NGOs on PSEA in emergency
  • Increase community knowledge awareness and practices on core integrated
  • Awareness events at local level (hygiene, water conservation and quality and SWN)
  • Support and trainings to WASH committees with 50yo or more of female members and community-based hygiene volunteers
  • Total # of affected men/women/girls/boys assisted with temporary access to adequate quantity of safe water for drinking and water for domestic use: 6,519
  • Total # of affected men/women/girls/boys with access to improved safe sanitation in temporary locations: 8,380
  • Total # of individuals (disaggregated by sex and age) with special needs with safe access to improved WASH services: 837
  • Total # individuals who have experienced a WASH behaviour change session/activity (HPM Indicator): 9,834
  • Total # of beneficiaries targeted in hygiene promotion sessions: 4,609 (46 in the South, 105 in Nabatiyeh, and 6 in BML)
  • d:
  • A total of 3519 IPC kits were distributed in 48 different municipalities and 784 disinfection kits
  • Sewers cleaning (manholes) and the natural ditches to solve the flooding issue in Chabriha, Bourghliyeh, and Al Qasmiye area, while the cleaning of the natural ditched was in the northern, mountain and southern of Litani area.
  • 1,310 buildings were assessed in 12 zones in response to the Beirut Blast emergency located in Gemmayze, Mar Mkhayel, and Karantina
  • A total of 454 tanks were installed in 244 buildings with fixation of the pipe connections for 3,401 individuals in a total of 662 households
  • 73 new latrines were installed (42 in the South and 32 in Nabatiyeh as well as, 4 special needs latrines) in addition to 3 latrines in the rehabilitated in the sites of intervention in the South targeting 58 individuals.
  • A total number of 2,231 individuals benefitted from the desludging of 1383 m3 of sludge in informal settlements located in the South, Nabatiyeh, and BML.
  • Distribution of water tanks 300 L
  • Distribution of water tanks 1000L
  • Sludge Removal
  • Latrine Construction
  • Hygiene Promotion sessions In Informal settlements
  • Covid-19 response (Disinfection Kits and Infection, Prevention and Control kits distribution)
  • Monitoring and distribution of WaSH supplies to 9 Isolation Centers located in Mount Lebanon and South.
  • Emergency responses in ISs (Natural disasters)
  • Beirut Blast response (Rehabilitation of water networks and Tanks distribution)
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