Partner With Us

Partner With Us

Why partner with us

DPNA believes in the importance of partnerships - working as part of a whole of civil society organizations. Hence, it provides partners with unique opportunities to demonstrate values and commitment to humanitarian sustainable development. We know that collectively we can tackle challenges innovatively and practically and thus contributing towards atonement of global problems and vulnerabilities.

Partnership is at the principal of everything we do. Through partnerships we draw on each other’s strengths and grow together quickly and efficiently.

From here, we support positive thinking, action and cooperation, bringing together expertise, ideas, tools and resources to encourage the common goal of creating a better world - peacefully and positively. A world where there is a place for everyone equally.

DPNA is seeking partnerships in the following fields: Peace building, Consensus building, Youth participation, Human Rights, Active Citizenship, Women Empowerment, Advocacy Actions, Economic Empowerment, Environmental Protection and Awareness.

We are honored by the partnerships we have already established on organizational and project levels and look forward to you joining us - on the basis of our shared values! you can contact us on for more information