Development For People And Nature Association

Established in 2003, we are a non-governmental independent, grassroots-led organization based in Lebanon which promotes sustainable development for people and place.


To empower, mobilize, and enable citizens to change and meet the needs of the communities, as individuals and/or groups, specifically the marginalized communities in rural, bordered, and poverty areas, through human rights-based approach.


A non-violent democratic society where individuals enjoy all their rights and freedoms without discrimination.


  • Freedom
  • Justice and Equality
  • Human Solidarity
  • Non-Violence
  • Transparency

Those are the basis upon which DPNA builds its partnerships on the local, regional and international levels.

Who are we

Scope of work

  • Development and youth
  • Environment
  • Emergency and Relief

Core Objectives

  • To deliver a range of projects to promote civic education and participation
  • To spread the culture of peace, trust, and understanding
  • To protect and promote the importance of natural environmental resources
  • To create a positive change in the local and national policies
  • To improve leadership skills among municipal members and other key stakeholders
  • To support entrepreneurial initiatives and economic opportunities for youth and women in rural areas


  • Socio-economic Development.
  • Good Governance.
  • Providing service for human dignity.