Who are our Volunteers

DPNA is supported by a large group of volunteers who are a core part of our team. Volunteering with us is an opportunity to develop new skills, make new friends, and support the community.

If you have time to give and the commitment to support DPNA's vision we are keen to welcome you among our team. Click here to apply

Initiatives done by our volunteers

“ 1
A Kite

In collaboration with Saeed Fakhry cultural center and the municipality of Zrariyye, DPNA dedicated Sunday the 11th of September as "طيارة ورق" day that targeted young adults aged between 8 and 15 years old. They were preparing airplanes m...

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“ 2
Souk el balad

In the spirit of spreading motivational energy and positivity, wether through playing live music or distributing motivational quotes, DPNA is participating in Souk el Balad in Downtown Beiru...

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“ 3
Children's Summer Camp

 Working as part of a whole, the volunteer team at DPNA participated in the children's summer Camp in partnership with "Sayedat Kol Farah" School for Sisters of Charity - Rumaila Chouf.


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“ 4
Sayfna aa Kayfna

DPNA took a part in the summer camp “Sayfna aa Kayfna” at Iqlim Al-Kharroub Association for Care and Development. DPNA took this initiative to provide children with recreational and PSS activities support...

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“ 5
Entertainment Night at Old Saida Town

On April29th, 2022 and in partnership with Saidon Diocese, Dpna members participate to be a part of a children entertainment night to let them feel happy on these special ramadan nights. It included recreational games such as inflatable games...

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“ 6
Psychosocial support activities and entertaining games

Midst the turbulent times Lebanon is witnessing, DPNA as part of a whole took part in enhancing the wellbeing of the children in Saida. On Tuesday May 31st, DPNA’s volunteer...

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“ 7
NEIGB NGOs Fair 2022

The National Evangelical Institute for Girls and Boys at Saida invited various NGOs to introduce them to the students to be more involved in social work and NGOs various backgrounds.<...

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“ 8
Clean Beach Saida

The Development for People and Nature Association (DPNA), in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, United Nations Program, and Ministry of Environment, participated in a campaign to clean the Mediterranean Sea and beach in Saida. The following...

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“ 9
Explaining the purpose of Legal Help Disk

Our Volunteers in collaboration with the legal help disk helped a lot of people by explaining the purpose of this office and how to benefit from the service given by the lawyers, which is pr...

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“ 10
Adyan Foundation Elections Initiative

Five youth groups competed in a competition organized by the Adyan Foundation, with technical support from the United Nations Development Program and funding from the European Union and the United States Agency for International Development, and p...

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“ 11
Sohur Fund Raiser

During Ramadan, DPNA's Volunteers raised a fundraiser from an 'eftar' at Old Saida in Bab El Saray, of which the money collected was donated to poor families that lived in the area.


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“ 12
Cleaning Campaing in Old Saida

As an initiative from the volunteers unit, a cleaning campaign was conducted at Old Saida Garden and neighborhoods due to the strike from the cleaning workers for the deteriorating economic conditions that Lebanon is facing nowadays.


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“ 13
Justice Day

DPNA volunteers participated in the "Justice Day" that was held by the "Association of Families of Victims of the Beirut Port Explosion" of which a march for the victims of the regime at "Beirut Port" was initiated to "Mar Mi...

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“ 14
Human Rights in collaboration with Adaleh Center

DPNA volunteers participated in the training and workshops of “Human Rights” in collaboration with Adaleh Center. They raised a campaign named by Standing Together for Human Rights "Nama". It is an independent specialized network that ...

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“ 15
Ein Zaarour-DPNA’s training and camping headquarter

The volunteers took the initiative to go to Ein Zaarour-DPNA’s training and camping headquarter to prepare the tents and clean up all the area for the five days of active citizen training that will take place there.


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“ 16
ADYAN - Election Campaign

DPNA in collaboration with Adyan Foundation has delivered an awareness session for the youth volunteers to educate Lebanese youth about politics and motivate them to participate in it on a non-sectarian basis, the “Political Participation of...

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“ 17
Clean Beach Saida Ghazieh and Tyre

This initiative took place on 29/8/2021 in which volunteers have participated in the Saida Cleanup Event in collaboration with Live Love Lebanon in which DPNA volunteers implemented a sorting and awareness campaign for the people living in Saida, ...

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“ 18
Peace First

DPNA in collaboration with Peace First conducted training that targeted young people (13-25) to create and lead projects on their own that address injustice in their community through collaborative leadership. The training provided mini-grants for...

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“ 19
Saida Governmental Hospital in the covid-19 response

This initiative took place at Saida Governmental Hospital in the covid-19 response of which the volunteers aided in the organizational process to help the elderly and pedestrians to fill out the Lebanese COVAX online survey for people with disabil...

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If you have time to give and the commitment to support DPNA's vision we are keen to welcome you among our team.

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