Biaadiyna - Labour intensive opportunities to support social stability and environmental protection for vulnerable communities in Saida and West Bekaa


77,289.12 €

Target Areas
  1. Sarafand (Saida district).
  2. AL Buhaira UOM (West Beqaa). Villages involved: Bab Maraa, Kherbet Qanafar, and Sohmor.
Target Audience

People with special needs (PwSN)

Overall Objective

Contribute to contain the humanitarian and social consequences of the Syrian crisis and of the economic crisis afflicting the most vulnerable communities in the Saida and West Beqaa districts, improving their access to income and public services.

Specific Objective
  1. Increase the disposable income for the most vulnerable Lebanese and refugee population in the Municipality of Sarafand and the UoM of Qaraoun
  2.  Enhance the access to public services for Lebanese and refugee residents of Sarafand municipality and Qaraoun University of Medicine
  3.  Increase the awareness of environmental issues and social stability in Sarafand Municipality and Qaraoun University of Medicine
  1.  Implementation of two studies about the environmental impact on CfW activities planned in Sarafand and the UoM of Qaraoun.
  2.  Organization of Two Awareness Campaigns on Environmental and Social Stability Issues in Sarafand and the UoM of Qaraoun.
  3.  Organization of a Community Project Implementation Competition in Sarafand and the UOM of Qaraoun.