Community Security and Access to Justice “Operating a Legal Aid Helpdesk in Saida”


45,000 USD

Target Areas

Saida region, specifically in vulnerable areas such as Old Saida City, Taamir, Grand Saida and its suburbs

Target Audience

Vulnerable citizens residing in Saida region, specifically in marginalized areas such as Old Saida City, Taamir, Grand Saida and its suburbs.

Overall Objective

The main objective of this assignment is to enhance access to justice and improve social stability through the provision of free and quality legal aid services to the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and the Poor, whether Lebanese or foreigners alike by establishing a legal aid help desk in Saida.

  1. Execute inception meetings with local NGOs, CSOs, and stakeholders.
  2. Conduct and participate in monthly meetings with legal actors, and legal working groups.
  3. Conduct 7 awareness sessions on citizens’ rights in municipalities, drug law, domestic violence law, cybercrimes, rent law, child protection, PwSN rights.
  1. Conduct on a regular basis legal awareness session based on acts set by UNDP, the needs assessment conducted by the external party, and the needs expressed by the users of the Legal aid helpdesk such as citizens’ rights in municipalities, drug law, Domestic violence law, cybercrimes…
  2.  Develop material for legal awareness sessions
  3. Develop necessary handouts for the provision of legal awareness services
  4. Carry out referrals according to the established mechanism and in coordination with the relevant concerned service providers
  5.  Provide legal aid services as defined above for the users of the legal aid helpdesk and in accordance with the founding operational documents and as envisioned in the final action plan of each helpdesk