Leaving No Child Behind-Climate Change Component


Leaving No Child Behind-Climate Change Component

Save the Children
Target Areas

National Coverage of Areas where SC and Partners operate

Target Audience

Save the Children Staff, Partners, and Environmental Stakeholders

Overall Objective

The project aims at enhancing the technical knowledge of SC and SC partners to cooperate over a research component, under the theme of the intersection of climate change, economic inequality, and child rights.

Specific Objective
  1. SC staff and SC partners including members of the alliance of CSOs are trained on the intersection of climate change and environmental challenges in Lebanon with child rights
  2. Contextualization of SC child-friendly climate change-related awareness tools applicable to the Lebanese context and train SC staff and partners on using it with children
  3. Conduct joint advocacy events related to child rights and the environment including a dissemination conference on the research findings.
  1. Technical climate change training has been held for SC staff and partners in their most active zones (North, Beqaa, Beirut)
  2. Adopting a new approach of Participatory Action Research with children to achieve righteous and sound data from the impacted.