WASH Intervention in Saida 2


52,272.56 USD

Target Areas

Saida District, South

Target Audience

1325 (50% Females; 50% Males and 40% Children of which 16% under 2)

Overall Objective

Program will offer basic services especially in Water and Energy sectors because it is affecting natural sources.

Specific Objective

This program is a priority for the host community and refugees in the South of Lebanon and responding for the needs of the vulnerable groups by providing rehabilitation for the WASH facilities, installing latrines with linking them to the sewage system, hygiene promotion sessions and hygiene kits distribution for the refugees in Saida district especially in informal settlements.


During the program 35 new latrines were installed and 30 latrines were rehabilitated, in addition to that, 60 water tanks were distributed to 511 beneficiaries of whom 267 were females, 244 were males and 5 latrines targeted individuals with special needs. Concerning hygiene promotion sessions, 9 session with soap distribution were preformed targeting 431 individuals.

  • Access to safe drinking water, sanitation and environmental conditions are increased as a result of UNICEF direct support.
  • Improved equitable use of WASH services through appropriate community-based mobilization and hygiene/baby kit distribution.