Youth RESOLVE: Youth Empowerment, Participation, and Advocacy for Social Stability in Lebanon– Phase 2



Target Areas

Saida, Bqusta, Mghayrieh, Barja

Target Audience

Segregation of sex, nationalities, and ages for the beneficiaries (directly target 151,000 community members 15 through improved municipal services and social stability, including 50% females 16, 29% children (below 18 years) 17, 4% of People with Disabilities, as well as 704 female and male youth 18 aged 16-30 years old, capacitated and interacting for the benefit of their communities (of at least 30% non-Lebanese, including Syrians and Palestinian Refugees)

Overall Objective

To strengthen social stability among youth by empowering them to become leading actors in their communities.

Specific Objective
  • Refugees and host communities youth interact for the benefit of their communities.
  • Municipal/community decision-makers implement refugee and host community youth-led propositions for change
  • YC meetings for establishment, orientation and planning
  • Capacity assessment for YC members – DPNA
  • Capacity-building sessions for YC members - Peace building, Active Citizenship and conflict sensitivity
  • Youth-led community needs assessments – DPNA
  • Quick Impact Project – DPNA
  • Youth committees community campaigns and events – DPNA
  • Local governance training
  • Advocacy Campaigns
  • Learning and reflection YC Meetings
  • Exchange visit between participating youth