13,280 USD

Target Areas

Baalbeck-Hermel, Bekaa, North, South, Nabatieh, Mount Lebanon, Akkar, Beirut

Target Audience

96 youth participants

Overall Objective

Adaptation and resilience. ‘Helping people, economies and the environment adapt and prepare for the impacts of climate change.’

Specific Objective
  1. Develop youth awareness and education sessions on climate change impacts.
  2. Involve 16 youth from the eight governorates in 4 days’ Active citizen workshop.
  3. Implement eight environmental initiatives in eight governorates.
  4. Create an online platform to exchange knowledge between the participants and stakeholders.
  1. Outreach of 16 individuals
  2. 3 days 2-Hours climate change awareness sessions for 17 youth.
  3. 2-Hours climate change Info sessions conducted by each governorate representative.
  4. 4 days’ active citizen's workshop for 16 participants.
  5. Implementation of 8 initiatives in eight governorates.
  6. Online platform 
Success Story

Members from different regions and villages showed their affiliation through uniting all together to achieve their vision as active citizens in their communities. Moreover, participants enhanced their knowledge regarding writing an SAP report and improve their facilitation skills through the sessions they performed. In addition, they boosted their self-confidence through successful collaboration and management in leading the initiative. Moving into the next point, active citizen members gained connections through coordinating with experts, municipalities, and NGOs in their region. They have also earned relationships with active individuals having the same passion.

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