Promoting religious tolerance and mutual understanding within and between faiths in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq



Target Areas

Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Jordan

Target Audience
Beneficiaries Target number
CSOs who receive sub-grants and implement sub-projects 18-21 CSOs
CSO leaders and members who receive peacebuilding and programmatic capacity building training, networking and mentoring 200 CSO leaders and members
Religious leaders who build relationships and connections for peace across faiths, sects, or none 240 religious leaders (216 male, 24 female)
Laypeople, prioritizing women and youth, who participate in the subgrant funded projects 8,250 laypeople (4000 male, 4250 female)
Youth 4,500 youth (2,500 female, 2,000 male)
Overall Objective

The overall objective of the project, keeping in mind the needs of the target groups and beneficiaries, is to combat religious intolerance and discrimination among target communities in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq through enhancing mutual understanding and respect between different faiths, sects or none.

Specific Objective
  • Support local civil society organizations (CSOs), including local NGOs and community-based organizations (CBOs), through sub-grant funds for projects to engage religious leaders and laypeople, including women and youth, to understand, respect, and promote religious tolerance within communities.
  • Increase the ability of CSOs to cultivate religious tolerance and mutual understanding among the target beneficiaries via peacebuilding training, networking, capacity-building, and mentoring for sub-grantee CSO’s.
  • Promote inclusive and strategic partnerships, networking and cooperation between religious and civil society leaders of Shi’a, Sunni, Alawi, Druze, Yezidi, Catholic Christian, Maronite Christian, Orthodox Christian, and Evangelical Christian traditions among other minority sects from these countries.

Activity Package 1: Support for Peacebuilding CSOs in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq

  • Peacebuilding training
  • Project and Programme Management Capacity building
  • Mentoring
  • Networking
  • Publication emphasizing success stories and lessons learned
  • Sub-grants to implement supported peace projects (financial support to third parties)

Activity Package 2: Activities Implemented Through Sub-grants by the Peacebuilding CSOs

  • Community-based approaches focused on advancing understanding and tolerance through education, dialogue, and other conflict transformation measures.
  • Projects focused on creating or advancing strategic partnerships, networking, cooperation and inter-faith peacebuilding between leaders of various faith groups.
  • Awareness campaigns focused on increasing tolerance, peaceful co-existence and peaceful conflict resolution in communities and at a society-wide level.
  • 17 CBO funded to implement peacebuilding projects in 4 different countries
  • 1 Kick-off conference: 20 CBO members

Can public universities apply?

Universities can apply if they are non-profit and non-governmental organizations

Can applications be in Arabic language?

Yes. Interested applicants can send an email to or to receive the documents in Arabic

Does the project encourage the introduction of an alliance of several organizations to implement one project?

One of the eligibility requirements of the project is for the Civil Society Organization applying to be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the action and not acting as an intermediary. Further, it is not eligible where financial support to third parties is the main purpose of the action. As long as the suggested project does not contradict the points mentioned above, then the project should be fine. Networking is important and alliance with other organizations is encouraged but disbursement goes to the organization that is applying and the main activities should be done by this organization.

Is it possible to have in our project a combination of a regional conference and partnership and networking?

Yes, as long as the project’s main focus is a strategic partnership and networking, and not only on a one-time regional conference then it should be fine and eligible.

Is a copy of the applicant’s accounts of the latest financial year needed?


What is the maximum budget allocated for each organization?

60,000 EUR and should be justified