Tripoli Film Festival

Target Areas

Tripoli T5 area

Target Audience

72 worker + 12 supervisors

Specific Objective

Insure common grounds for the youth of different specialties, majors, and skills to attain a short term employment, to learn new skills, and to interact in a safe and social exchange safe atmosphere.

Month Achievement Success Story
October 2019 Recruitment -
November 2019 Recruitment Planning -
December 2019 Procurement -
  • Building up 11 teams ( Photography, Videography, Sound and light effect, event managing and organizing, projectionist, scriptwriting and media, graphic design and visual effect, short film production, carpentry, electrical, interpretation, and translation)
  • Outreach, Interview, and final selection of the workers;
  • Opening ceremony
  • Design and create a social media campaign
  • Executing a series of outdoors cinema events
  • Executing the cine-club (Indoor Cinema)
  • Short Movie Production
  • Closure Ceremony