Access to Safe Water for Families in Chwayya, South Lebanon


Access to Safe Water for Families in Chwayya, South Lebanon

Target Areas

Chwayya – South Lebanon

Target Audience

2,150 persons in awareness sessions (2,000 Lebanese; 150 Syrian) – Women 1075, Men 1075
52 new families connected to the main line (Syrian) (Total of 260 Syrian individuals /*5/) – Women 140, Men 120
1,060 families connected to mainline (Lebanese) (Total of 4,240 individual /*4*/) – Women 2135, Men 2105

Overall: 4500 individual / 1,112 families

Overall Objective

A rehabilitated and increased water network will help in the Preservation of lives and alleviation of suffering through access to safe water and increased quantity for sustaining agriculture and household needs (from WASH, conservation awareness training) and thus reduce the vulnerability of farmers and 50 Syrian and 800 Lebanese households, especially women and children and promote healthier lifestyles.

Specific Objective
  1. 4500 rural Lebanese and Syrian refugee community households will have increased sustainable water availability and access to safe water for agriculture and household needs through infrastructure rehabilitation of water system.
  2. Chwayya community members’ Syrian refugee and Lebanese) will have increased knowledge on new agricultural techniques and WASH in water conservation strategies for the preservation of water resources within Chwayya community and WaSH.
  3. 4500 rural HH’s have reduced seasonal food insecurity through access to sustainable safe water for agricultural needs (fruit trees, gardens)
Month Achievement Success Story
January 2019 – April 2019
  • 140 Lebanese families individuals connected to the main water line (79 women, 61 men)
  • 140 individual attended awareness sessions
Minhal El-Shoufi, a 24 years old Lebanese citizen living at Chwayya village has participated through the first year of the project in the ToT sessions about Water Conservation and WaSH awareness. Minhal, and from the start of the project has been an active message delivering personnel. He gained our project message in a fast way and managed to disseminate it to the citizens inside the village. Not only this, recently, we knew that a village beside Chwayya “Ain Kenya” has initiated a personal initiative and started to give the Water conservation sessions at public places in the village. Personally, as a local NGO, we were really happy to hear such an initiative taking place from the citizens themselves. Not only this, our happiness became double when we knew that the main reason behind this initiative was Minhal himself. After investigation about this issue, it turned out to be that Minhal has relatives and friends from the near village. During his visits, he has been always talking about what he learned during the ToT sessions and the thing that he and the other ToT participants are doing inside the village. After hearing what he and others are doing at Chwayya and feeling the enthusiasm, the people inside the village believed that they should be implementing such an initiative inside their village taking into consideration that not only Chwayya but also Lebanon, in general, is facing a water problem and we should take care of the water as an important living and energy source. From here, our project is being implemented at Chwayya village but is also having its fingerprint in other near villages; hoping our message reaches Lebanon as a whole.
April 2019 – September 2019
  • 240 Lebanese individual attended awareness sessions (123 Female, 117 Male)
  • 7 Syrian families newly connected to the main water line ( 18 female, 14 male)
  • 159 Lebanese families newly connected to main water line (320 female, 316 male)

Atallah Daaibes - Mayor of Chwayya:

“Being a Mayor inside this village added so much to my experience which made me happy; however after this project implementation I’m happier to see the people’s smile to have healthier and cleaner water”.