Women Empowerment


34,124.90 Euros

Target Areas

Old City of Saida

Target Audience

30 women from Old City of Saida aged 18 to 40 years old from different nationalities (Lebanese, Palestinians, and Syrians) where 50% of the targeted women are Lebanese, 25% are Palestinians, and 25% are Syrians.

Overall Objective

To empower marginalized and vulnerable women in Old City of Saida to build and reveal their life visions.

Specific Objective
  1. To increase the well-being and psycho-social status of 30 Lebanese, Palestinian, and Syrian women.
  2. To empower 30 Lebanese, Palestinian, and Syrian women with hard skills to conduct income-generating activities
  3. To support 30 Lebanese, Palestinian, and Syrian women with in-kind grants

All 30 women were concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic and were hesitated whether to attend the workshops or not. However, the team has convinced them to attend and that DPNA will be taking preventative and precautious measures like wearing masks and social distancing.

  1. Outreach of 30 women participants
  2. Two 5-days Woman Empowerment Workshop
  3. Two 2-days Training on Income Generation
  4. 30 in-kind grants
Success Story

Lina, Lebanese, 40 years old:

“I’ve been facing a lot of obstacles and problems for the past years and I couldn’t stand and bear with anything no more. So back at the time, I decided to see a psychologist, and it’s been 5 years since then. However, this 5-day workshop was worth those past five years. With the help of the amazing team, the amazing colleagues, and the family we have created, I feel stronger than ever and I feel like I’m through with my psychologist thanks to all of you and this project”

Rola, Palestinian, 40 years old:

“This project has been useful to us and me personally in many different ways; socially, economically, psychologically, and personally. This type of project should be implemented more often to help the women in our society to overcome their fears and every obstacle that comes our way”

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